What Causes Stucco Damage?

Notice the stucco on your home is damaged? You may wonder what has caused the stucco to peel, blister, and/or bubble and what you can do if this happens at your home. There are a few things that can cause stucco to become damaged. Luckily, it is easy to hire pros to repair the stucco, but it is important to pick up the phone and call the pros at the first sign of trouble.

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Staining is a common form of stucco damage that most homeowners experience when this type of issue occurs. It is oftentimes caused by water.  You’ll notice white streaks or dark blotches of mismatched color if there is a stain. It is important that you do not hesitate to call a professional to make a stucco repair columbus ohio if you notice staining.

Efflorescence occurs after stains are left behind. This is a powdery substance that deposits on clay tile, brick, and other materials. Blistering is another common type of damage that you may notice in the stucco at your home. Blistering occurs after a wall is subjected to water for a prolonged period of time.

Mold damage is a threat anywhere moisture or water buildup occurs. It is easy to spot mold, which appears green, brown, or black in color and on the stucco surface. Mold can be removed from the stucco but it is important to use preventative measures to keep it from occurring again.

These damages can be cause by many different acts around the home. Perhaps sprinklers are set up to closely to stucco walls, causing excess moisture exposure. Maybe there are no gutters on the home or the roof is missing flashing. There are many reasons for damage, but an expert has the key to make repairs to any of the problems.